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Friday, March 07, 2008

There was a time, in ancient Greece and Rome, when everyone believed in omens.  Has the belief faded because the omens have dissipated like so much vapor at a traveling carnival.  Or do the omens remain, as strong and present as ever, and we have just forfeited the ability to see and read them?  I say the latter.

The lunar eclipse two weeks ago was a dramatic example of the natural world and how it's constantly sending messages to us (of course, we no longer really understand what it's saying.)  According to Tibetan Buddhist practice, the effects of actions are magnified by a factor of 1,000 during a lunar eclipse.  In honor of that blood red moon that erupted from a cloudy sky into a suddenly clear night, I have created the following drink. (just don't drink this during a lunar eclipse or you will be obliterated by a factor of 1,000!)


8 oz. club soda; 2 oz. Campari; 1 oz. orange juice; one segment of a blood orange

Pour the club soda over ice; rain down the Campari and splash in the o.j.

Blood oranges have been cultivated in Italy for centuries, although Malta claims their origin.  They have a nocturnal smoothness that is absent from your typical citrus, and look ominous but are strangely refreshing.  Peel away the white membrance from one crescent to expose the pearly bursts of flavor.  Drop the crescent into the glass.

A couple of these and you'll see the omens, too.

Sunday, March 02, 2008
Genies on YouTube

Not to be left out of our audiovisual cultural craze, there are jinn on YouTube.  While most of the images are touted as genuine, they're first and foremost creepy.  But if you consider that jinn are real entities on some realm, maybe there are pictures of them.  Check out the "Jinn Offering Prayers."  If you do a search on jinn, as opposed to genie or djinn, you'll come up with a bunch of guttural enchantments.  You be the judge....


Friday, February 22, 2008

In honor of Martini Friday nights, here's a mystical concoction:

  • 8 oz. Hendrick's Gin; waft of Noilly Prat dry vermouth, two lemon slices, two chilled martini glasses.
  • Flay the flesh of lemon from the rind, and twist the rind (much as Cort Riebling is flayed by Borzal in Chapter 21).
  • Slide the pulpy lemony pieces around the insides of the glasses. Drop a lemon twist in each.
  • Mix the gin and vermouth over ice and shake.
  • Pour into the chilled glasses.

It's called the Zubis because the vapor of it is enough to kill you.....


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Don't forget where you come from. Web marketing is a big, wide world and, like a genie, you can travel to one end and back in the click of a mouse. Yet, nothing can replace "face time." Along with planning your website and finding readers online, look in your own backyard.

My backyard is New Hope, PA. So, yesterday, I took a stack of my 4 X 6, 4-color postcards with the mystical eyes of the djinn, left my magic carpet at home, and wandered into the fine establishments of this eclectic and bustling hamlet 45 minutes north of Philadelphia.

"Hi, I'm a local author with some promotional cards for my new book. Was wondering if you wouldn't mind me leaving some cards somewhere."

Without exception, the enthusiastic proprietors were happy to let me do it. Now, I should mention that it's mostly places like cafes, restaurants, and some specialty shops that even have a place for postcards. Forget about boutiques or clothing shops -- there's really no space for it. And only independent coffee shops -- the behemoth that is Starbucks has their own agenda for published goods.

Anyway, Go New Hope! Besides which, they're encouraging with comments like, "Hey, that's cool." "Looks like a good book." Lesson learned: People support their communities. You're a part of a community, so get up from the computer for a bit and go say hello.

Now, I just need to figure out if my foot campaign was effective. If you picked me up in New Hope, I'd love to hear from you....