God created humans from clay and angels from light. The djinn were forged from fire… and they have returned.

The story: One wish remains before Zubis, a djinni of primeval necromancy, is released. With freedom, he desires vengeance. Bethany O'Brien is bound to Zubis by an ancient betrayal. She is the only person who can vanquish the djinni because she was once the Asima Uruk, a high priestess in service to King Solomon and apprenticed to Zubis. But salvaging her existence as the Asima Uruk means questioning everything she knows about herself and the hierarchy of humans in God’s creation. Her life, as well as the balance of power in the Middle East, depend on the answers.


  • Journalist Bethany O'Brien
  • Zubis
  • Diplomat and Veil of Thoth agent Ahmad Nasser
  • Photographer Derek Martin
  • King Rawallah
  • Prince Faisal bin Sultan
  • The djinni Borzal
  • Interpol Agent Abel Barnasha
  • Ambassador Ward Davidson

Settings: Washington, DC; London; Urbino, Italy; Cairo; Saudi Arabia.

Why it's hot: As though confronted with a genie in a bottle, Westerners are fascinated by and fearful of the Middle East. Yet, the ancient trail of our DNA tells us that we are bound by our similarities: struggles, storytelling, superstition, faith, belief, and the innate desire that our wishes come true.

A taste: A hot, dry cone of wind engulfed Rawallah and he felt as a corpse, dried and preserved, light as sand, and forgotten in the deepest cave. For a moment, his soul felt bereft of all hope. He squinted his eyes and summoned the last of his energy to stumble to the door and escape from the room.